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All day long I naturally think about wine pairings. They just pop into my head at the most random moments, like when I’m driving to work (what wine goes with my little car?), or walking my dog (what wine is the embodiment of a fat, lovable bulldog?), or on an airplane (what wine should be served in the sky?). With so many fantastic wines available from all corners of the earth, I am certain that there is a perfect wine for anything. I also take suggestions from my friends, my family and winos on the street. If you have an idea for a wine pairing, contact me!
My wine education was from the very best. My teachers were all Master Sommeliers, an extremely hard title to obtain. There are only 170 professionals worldwide who have earned the title. I am also very fortunate to have a job where I get to taste up to 60 wines a day. So I pull from my knowledge and experience to select a great wine for each pairing. I am not paid nor influenced by anyone to choose a particular wine.
Oh gosh, no! The wine I choose is a wine that I believe works well for the pairing. But there are so many wines available that another wine might also work. There are also several ways to approach a wine pairing that would result in a different suggestion. Take food for example. When pairing wine with food, you have to first decide if you want the wine to complement or contrast with the food. Let’s say you are going to have corn chowder. You could choose to serve a rich, buttery chardonnay to complement the creaminess of the chowder. You could also choose to serve a crisp sauvignon blanc to contrast and cut through the creaminess. Either pairing would be equally yummy and interesting. I hope that you find my pairings interesting too! The point is to encourage you to explore the wide, wonderful world of wine. I could use some more winos to hang out with, so get crackin’.
When you click the “Buy Now” button you will be taken off my website to another website where you can purchase the wine. In some cases that will be the only place I could find it online, like the winery itself. In other cases it will be the website of a retailer like The Wine Club where I work. The Wine Club has relationships with many distributors so we are usually able to order the wine I pick and make it available for you to buy. This in no way impacts which wine I choose, however. I always choose the wine first and then find a way for you to buy it.
But of course! There always has to be. The opinions expressed on this site and in my videos are solely from my own brain, often from a tipsy inspiration. They do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else – not The Wine Club, not any wine producer, not any wine distributor. I’ve got a mind of my own. Just ask my parents.

Any other questions, contact me! I’d love to hear from you!