Wine for a Sunny Summer Afternoon

The very first video I did was about wine for a sunny summer afternoon. I wanted to showcase a relatively unknown grape that I love – Torrontes. Torrontes is perfect for a summer afternoon because it’s floral, tropical and leaves you feeling refreshed. Plus, it’s fun to roll the rrrrrrs.

2009 Pircas Negras Torrontes

The particular wine I chose was the 2009 Pircas Negras Torrontes, a certified organic and vegan wine from the Famantina Valley in Argentina. This winery is located at a very high elevation of 3,500 feet. Torrontes is considered “the” characteristic white wine from Argentina and this Pircas Negras is a perfect example of what great Torrontes should be.

Tasting Notes

Torrontes makes me so happy! It’s like a ray of sunshine in a glass. This wine smells like a picnic spread. Imagine a picnic blanket with a bowl of juicy mangos and papayas and a bouquet of orange blossoms and white flowers. It has perfumed scents like a Viognier or a Gewurztraminer. But it’s so interesting because when you drink it, it tastes differently – it doesn’t taste of sweet fruit at all, instead it tastes clean and crisp and quenches your thirst. It’s completely dry on the palate with bright acidity.

Video originally posted on 10/02/2010. You can now look out for the 2010 vintage in stores.