Wine for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is a tough match for wine – with all the different flavors going on – dry turkey, sweet cranberry sauce, yams, stuffing…you need a wine that’s universally agreeable. A wine that has a pleasant personality – one that’s easy to keep drinking course after course and doesn’t overpower the food. As an American holiday, I like to serve an American wine. There’s a wine for that.

2007 Grgich Hills Zinfandel

This wine has tons of interesting facts that you can use to distract your family over the long dinner. When Grandma starts asking when you’re going to get married you can reply: Do you know about the 1976 Paris tasting where a California Chardonnay was ranked the best white wine in the world? The same winemaker of that Chardonnay made that wine you’re drinking right now.

When your sister brings up that time you crashed the car in high school you can start talking about how all of Grgich Hills wines are biodynamic, which means they use no pesticides or fertilizers and they treat the vineyard as a living, self-sustaining organism. When Mom breaks out your naked baby pictures to show your long-lost cousin, you can interrupt – hey did you know that Mr. Grgich is Croatian and was the first person to think Zinfandel was from Croatia? And that DNA grape studies proved he was right? They may not care but at least they’ll be distracted. And maybe drunk.

Tasting Notes:

This Zinfandel has nice fruit – strawberries, plums, black cherries, fresh earth. It definitely has enough weight to stand up to Thanksgiving side dishes. The tannins are pretty soft though so it won’t dominate the meal. It’s not overoaked either – has just a touch of oak that adds some nice clove notes. The perfect natural, American wine to remind us why we give thanks at harvest time.

Now that you have learned what wines pair best with Thanksgiving foods, consider having a wine gift delivered to your loved ones. (Partnered)