2010 Hocus Pocus Syrah Bottle

Wine for the Presidential Debate

The US Presidential Debate on Oct. 3 will likely drive millions of people across the country to drink. Heavily. First of all, there are all sorts of fun debate drinking games to play (check out ClotureClub.com). Second of all, we’ll be reminded that we’ve got some serious national problems to solve.  Don’t fret – no matter which candidate you support, there’s a wine for that:

2010 Hocus Pocus Syrah

This small production Syrah from Santa Barbara County fits the bill for several reasons. Its name pays homage to the skillfully evasive words of politicians, those carefully crafted catch-phrases that answer all questions and yet none. So while the candidates whip up some magical hocus pocus, you might as well be drinking it.

This wine was made by the people, for the people. It wasn’t produced by a corporate conglomerate, but by a husband and wife team who decided one day to just go for it and start their own small winery. Peter Hunken and Amy Christine do everything themselves, from sorting the grapes to bottling the wine. You can learn more about their inspirational story at blacksheepfinds.com.

Once you hunker down for the debate and start sipping, you’ll immediately taste lush blueberries and blackberries, pleasing fruits to match the candidates’ initial smiles. Over time though you’ll notice smoke (and mirrors). With more air, you’ll sense more feisty spice, mostly pepper and one-liners about taxes and a failing economy. The finish will leave you with a sense of balance, which isn’t so surprising given the combination of two extremes.

Cheers to a great presidential debate, and, more importantly, to great drinking!