Wine for Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding

Are you ready for a side of sass with your wine? If so, read on my friends.

So your ex-boyfriend is getting married and in some sort of awkward attempt to pretend like you’re still friends, he’s invited you to his wedding. To SOMEONE ELSE. Let’s face it, he’s probably a douchebag. If he weren’t you’d still be together. He has the nerve to invite you to his wedding. You have the nerve not to go but to send this very thoughtful gift.

2009 Il Bastardo Sangiovese

The name says it all.

This wine is made from Sangiovese grapes grown in Tuscany, in the town of Rufina outside of Florence. This area is considered the best area for Sangiovese outside of the official Chianti region. The wine is not oaked at all, but rather fermented in stainless steel, to allow the power of the fruit to come through. It’s a very good value wine – costs ~$8 depending on the merchant. It’s by no means a “fine wine” but it’s a great value wine to have with pizza or bistro fare. And anyway, your ex-boyfriend does not deserve a “fine wine”.

Tasting Notes

I recommend decanting this for about an hour before drinking to let the tannins quiet down because it’s still rather young. It has tart cherries, black berries, and a little iron minerality that is typical in Sangiovese. It’s a bit rustic and rough around the edges, with a medium body.

The 2009 Il Bastardo Sangiovese is the perfect gift to send for your ex-boyfriend’s wedding. It’s so cheap you can even send him a whole case and, let’s be real, he probably deserves THAT MUCH.