Wine for Truffled Popcorn

Have you tried truffled popcorn yet? If not, what have you been waiting for? I’m pretty much a firm believer that truffles make everything better. Especially popcorn. The James Beard Foundation has a quick, classy recipe with parmesan and black pepper.

Hands down the best wine pairing for popcorn, especially truffled popcorn, is Champagne. There’s something magical about the combination of salty buttery popcorn and zippy bubbles. The umami flavor from the truffle oil is expertly countered by the acidity in Champagne. Try this combo and make your next movie night at home a reason to celebrate. In case watching a movie on your cozy couch in your comfy PJs isn’t enough reason to celebrate…

My pick: Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve Champagne

Popcorn Sign