Wine for Rap

You should all know that once I booty danced on a stage at a club in NY with my idol Lil’ Kim.  She was very gracious and it was pretty much the highlight of my life.  Anyway… you might be thinking “what? Wine and rap?” But there’s a wine for that – a wine that complements rap perfectly…

2007 Cambiata Tannat

Tannat is a hardcore, in your face grape. So hardcore and tannic it’s been outlawed in Bordeaux. The word “tannat” even comes from the word “tannin”. Tannins are the chemical compounds in red wine from the grape skins that make your mouth pucker up and feel dry. They’re an important component of wine because they add structure that enables wine to age and to go with food. Tannat is usually grown in Southwest France and blended with other grapes to soften it. But for this special pairing I found you a wine made exclusively from this bold, harsh grape AND grown in the US, on Tupac’s side of the country. This wine is from the Santa Lucia Mountains in Monterey and goes for ~$20.

Tasting Notes

This wine is the bomb. If you’ve never experienced tannat before, you are going to be shocked by the first sip. But it’s the good kind of shocked that leaves you interested and curious for more. Kinda like a kickin’ rhyme on the right beat, this wine has lush berry flavors that pop up at the perfect moment to round out the tannins. There’s even some licorice, some bitter chocolate, and a long smoky finish. This wine begs for a marbled slab of meat or a super stinky cheese.

So open up a bottle of 2007 Cambiata Tannat and enjoy the flow…