Wine for Twitter

Twitter is fast-paced, fresh, and young, a great tool for discovering new things. People who tweet tend to be cheerful and open. There’s a lot of LOL’ing going on. Discussions about Justin Bieber’s newest haircut. My twitter feed blew up earlier this year because Robert Parker is no longer reviewing California wine – OMG! Anyway, there’s a wine for that.

2009 Castillo de Monseran Garnacha

Castillo de Monseran is the producer, Garnacha (or as we say in English, Grenache) is the grape. It’s from a region called Cariñena in Northwest Spain. This is a “New World’ style wine meant for immediate youthful consumption. It’s very fresh, accessible and fun! The winemakers purposely shortened some steps of production – kind of like squeezing winemaking into Twitter’s 140 character limit. They kept oak exposure to a max of only 3 months and limited extraction. By doing so, they produced an easy drinking wine with lots of ripe fruit. It’s agreeable and affordable, about ~$8 a bottle.

Tasting Notes

Definitely bursting with fruit. You can tell right away it’s Grenache. Smells like candied berries and plums. It’s soft and bright on the palate. You can just imagine that this wine would tweet something like this:

Tweet by FruityGarnacha

So here’s to my fellow Twits! Get back to your iPhones and start drinking.

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