Personalized Wine Bottles

How much do you love wine? Do you drink it every night? Do you spend all of your disposable income on big Napa Cabs or elegant Burgundies? Do you have a wine bottle tattooed on your backside? Or is that just me?

How about we flip it around and have YOU tattooed on a wine bottle. You see, there are several cool companies out there that allow you to get really personal with your wine bottles. So personal that your beautiful face can be displayed on the label or even etched into the glass. These personalized bottles make fantastic gifts. For example, you could put a picture of the kids on a label with the message “Happy Father’s Day.” Or you could use personalized wine in my favorite way – as the favor at a wedding. Lucky guests get to go home with a bottle of fine juice from Chateau de Happy Couple.

Here are two great resources for doing just that:

1) Personal Wine – At, you can pick which award-winning wine you want, from a $20 Chilean Chardonnay to a $119 Diamond Mountain Claret. Choose your design template, upload any image, and add text. You can work with one of their consultants over the phone to etch or engrave the bottle too. If you’d prefer, you can also just buy personalized wine labels themselves (20 label minimum).

2) Crushpad – You might have heard of Crushpad as a custom crush facility in Sonoma where you can create your own wine brand. That is the case, but most people don’t know that you can also use their services on a smaller scale. Instead of making a whole barrel, you can buy 10 cases of high-quality finished wine and work with their design team on custom packaging. They also have a program specific to weddings that allows the couple to blend their own wine and design their own label. The couple can serve the wine at their wedding (how cool!) and send guests home with extra bottles, to have and to hold from this day forward.


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